Welcome to Design Documentation

What is Design

Design is an opensource 2D computer aided design application (CAD) application, created to meet the needs of makers and designers, hobbyists and professionals that require a first class CAD application.


  • Educate. Learn. Teach. Pay it forward!

  • Encourge. We love CAD and we want to love CAD too!

  • Be free. Zero cost and zero restrictions.

  • Play Well With Others. Design uses industry standard DXF Files.

What is Opensource

Opensource software is a computer program for which the code is made assessible to allow inspection, modification and distribution under specific license terms. The sourcecode for Design is hosted on GitHub

How Can I Help?

  • Use Design, Enjoy Design and share it with your friends.

  • Help others.

  • Report any problems or suggest improvements on the Issue Tracker